Heating Mat (non electric)

Ark Workshop Heating Mat
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FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM.  NON-ELECTRIC HEATING MAT:   The way these mats work is that they store in your pet's own body heat and then reflect it back to them .... keeping them warm.   Some materials (like blankets and carpet) will simply take in heat and then that warmth eventually dissipates.  With this heating mat: the mylar insulate padding inside, stores that heat .... keeping your pet warm and cozy.  We tested the heating pad ourselves by placing one on an office chair.  In a matter of minutes, we noticed the warmth underneath.  The mats are also designed to repel moisture and not allow the absorption of water.  Another plus is that these mats are safe to use with bedding materials such as STRAW, pine shavings, and cedar shavings.   It is made of a soft fleece cover, 2 layers of inner padding, 2 layers of inner heat-reflective insulate, and a moisture resistant underpad with ribbed bottom for gripping.  Mat size measures approx 18"W x 18"W x 1"H.  The mat is pliable and conforms nicely to all interiors. 



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