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Ark Workshop Cat Decals
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3D Large Cat Decals/Wall Stickers-10PK
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  • These 3D cat stickers are suitable for posting in many places.  Cute cartoon cats are fitted for decorating Nursery Rooms, Study Rooms, Offices, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, and other places.  They're certain to get a chuckle from family and friends. 
  • Suitable for gifts and for all ages.  Kids love them because of their realistic look and effect.  These are simulated real 3D cat cartoon pictures.
  • 10 different self-adhesive cute cartoon cats are included in one package. You can affix them horizontally or vertically and on most surfaces. 
  • They're waterproof and printed on PVC self-adhesive waterproof vinyl paper.  This material feels like linen paper but in vinyl form.  Very strong and durable and can be cleaned with a damp rag. 
  • Some of the pictures are life size.  Average size is approx. 8"x8" with many being much larger.  Definately worth the price.  Quality is great!



They are very cute. Will use on camper windows and definitely one for the toilet lid.

This were pretty inexpensive so I expected them to not be of great quality but they are great! Super cute! Durable! Decent sized!

If you're a cat lover then these are for you! Adorable!

They are thicker than standard static stickers and the adhesive is much stronger. I was hesitant to put on a painted wall, but still did. It came off the wall with no damage to the paint (they were on the wall for only 1 day used as party decor). Other than that, they have clean details look great.

I put up the stickers on my doors and immediately they made my place so welcoming. I also put one on my toilet cover and my friends think it is very funny.

I enjoyed the stickers I like the variety of the cats. It is good for gifts for people that have cats. I'm giving them out for gifts for Christmas. They stick very well on to surfaces. It's worth the buy. I'm happy with this product.

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