Ark Workshop Gift Certificates
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 GIFT CERTIFICATES are convenient for you and fun for them. 


For the recipient, they offer the opportunity to select an item that is really needed or wanted, in the preferred style, correct size, and at the recipient's convenience.

For the giver, they are quick and easy to purchase.   Gift certificates also eliminate the hassles of shopping and dealing with bulky gifts and gift wrapping.  It always takes away the chore of boxing and shipping for those loved ones that might live out-of-state.  Simply slip the certificate in an envelope or have it sent directly to their email inbox. 


Ark Workshop Gift Certificates are available in different denominations of your choosing.   You can add extra amounts to the certificate to create the specific dollar amount that you prefer.  When determining your certificate amount, you should also include the shipping charges that it might take to get your item to the recipient.   Shipping for smaller items usually run around $20 and shipping for larger items usually run around $40.   We’ll work out any discrepancies with your recipient. 


1.  At the bottom of this page, is the Qty icon.  It is probably best to always select "1" and keep each transaction separate for each certificate recipient.  If you need multiple certificates for multiple recipients, it is best to perform each purchase separately so that all instructions are kept separate.    

2.  Next, after choosing the Qty … if you want to increase the certificate amount, go the OPTIONS area and add the amount you need and it will adjust the overall amount of your certificate.   You’ll have several options to choose from so that you can tailor the amount to your specific needs.   After you check-mark the amount of increase, you’ll need to type “yes” or “y” or any letter in the drop down box that is provided.  This is just a website detail.  The option & amount will be added to your total. 

3.  At the bottom of the OPTIONS section is the entry SEND TO RECIPIENT:  Here, you can let us know if you want the certificate sent directly to the recipient.  Check-mark the box and then include their email address in the drop down box.  If you forget this step, you can also send us a note in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section during check-out or simply send us a separate email.  If there is no mention to send to the gift certificate to the recipient, it will be sent to you – the giver.  All details will be summarized in the DETAILED ORDER CONFIRMATION that we send to you.


Below is the template of how the certificate will look.  It will have their name listed, your name listed, and the dollar amount of the certificate.   Also included is the email message that your recipient will receive if you choose to have us send it directly to them.  We will cc you at your email address throughout the entire process so that you know when they received the certificate, when they ordered, and when the item was shipped.

4.  Finally, one of the last entries in the options section is titled OTHER COMMENTS.  This is a place where you can include any special instructions or special messages.  Once again, you will also have the opportunity to send us a note during the checkout process in the section called SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS ... or... you can send an extra email, if needed.

Two confirmations will be sent to you after you order.  The first one is generated by the website and it is sent immediately.  It will summarize the basics of your order.  Then, within 48 hrs (or sooner), a DETAILED ORDER CONFIRMATION will be sent to you by us.  This confirmation will summarize specific details of your order that you may have shared with us.


OPTIONS BELOW:  In this section below, there will be a way to choose additional amounts to add to your certificate.  This will allow you to tailor the certificate to a desired amount.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  Some type of entry needs to be made in the drop down box for the website to add the option.  This is just a technical website detail.  The option & amount will be added to your total.  You can add/remove options as you wish.

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