Ark Workshop STRAW is the best bedding for cats

Ark Workshop STRAW is the best bedding for cats
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Ark Workshop STRAW is the best bedding for cats

NOTE:  This is information only.  To purchase straw, please click on the link provided.  Ark Workshop STRAW 
is harvested from Indiana fields.  We selected a supplier that takes great pride in the growth of his straw.  He strives to make sure that his fields have little to no weed growth so that his straw is of the highest quality.  He also processes his straw in such a way so as to try to limit the amount of straw dust and seeds.  However, even though straw manufacturers do their best to provide us with straw having minimal seeds and low dust, all straw will usually exhibit some of those things as it moves from the process of field to consumer.  Straw is harvested from the field, stored by supplier, transported and purchased by us, sold by us, distributed to consumer through shipping carriers, and then arrives to the customer.  There are alot of steps it goes through to reach the customer.  However, we inspect our straw, up front, so that we are starting with the best quality that we can provide to our customers.  In addition, our supplier’s straw is stored inside ….. where it is kept dry and never exposed to moisture.  Some retailers store their straw outside and this should probably never be used for interior bedding.  It is most likely molding, smells musty, and the interior of the bale might be damp even though the exterior has had a chance to dry in the sun. 

Dry straw is long lasting and a great insulator.  Blankets, towels, flat newspapers, etc., retain wetness and should not be used as insulation.  These absorb body heat and will actually make a cat colder.  Straw is better because it can repel moisture and is less prone to mold or rot.  Using Ark Workshop quality straw for insulation helps to trap a cat’s own body heat inside their shelter.  This, basically, turns a cat into a little radiator …. helping to heat their own home. 

Hay and straw are not the same thing.  Hay contains of a lot more leafy material and seeds, and is more used as animal feed.  Therefore, since hay does have food value to it, it increases the potential for insects, mice, and other such critters that will feed upon it.  Also, hay tends to compost more quickly (again, because of the nutrients in it), and can actually heat up and spontaneously catch fire. Not something you'd want to happen.  Also, hay usually has a higher moisture level than straw due to differences in harvesting methods. Hay is also more prone to overheating when compressed. At a glance, hay is usually "green", while straw is usually "gold" or yellow in color. 

Straw is readily accepted by cats.  They nuzzle down into the straw and surround themselves with it.  They seem to understand its warmth properties.   Straw conforms and molds nicely to the interior of a shelter.  It pushes up against the walls, etc....and the cat will create a cup-like shape in it much like baby birds in a bird's nest.  Some customers put straw around the outside of their cat house and up against the sides to help block exterior winds.  This is a very practical.   The idea here is to create an igloo effect outside and then nuzzle the house down into that.   USING STRAW WITH THE NON-ELECTRIC HEATING MAT:  If using straw with our non-electric mat ..... you can lay down a thin layer of straw first and then lay the mat on top of the straw.  Then, add the remaining straw on top of the mat, creating a cup-like nest over the mat.  Push the straw that is over the mat off to the side ... creating an inner depression.  The cats will then be able to nuzzle down into the straw nest and rest on top of the mat.  The cat would normally do all this themselves.  You are just helping them speed up the process. 

WE WOULD LIKE TO BE YOUR SUPPLIER OF DRY STRAW BEDDING.  Having STRAW BEDDING arrive at your doorstep is much more convenient than having to venture out and transport it in your vehicle…. especially during inclement weather.  Direct delivery also eliminates car messes that occur when transporting.  We always suggest ordering straw earlier than later.  As consumer demand increases in the Fall/Winter, supply for quality straw can becomes less.  Also, DRY straw can be harder to find during wet, winter months.   Order your straw from THE ARK WORKSHOP and we should always be able to take care of your needs.  

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING CHARGES FOR STRAW:   Although straw is a light item, box size is what will determine the ship rate.  Ship charges for straw can sometimes look high because the ship rate is often close to product price and sometimes even more.  Many consumers perceive straw as something lightweight and airy.  Therefore, shipping should be low.  Right?  I remember seeing a seller selling tumbleweeds as a house decoration and the ship rates were high because of the box size they had to use.  That is the same situation with straw.  Ship rate is based on box size and it will require every bit of the shipping charged to get straw quantities to you.  One way to look at it is by the number of "refillings" that you will receive.  Our straw comes compressed and compacted and not much is required for 1 refill.  Therefore, when you consider the overall price in comparison to the number of refilling’s that you will receive; straw is a very economical way to go.  


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