Bluebird House

Bluebird House - Slot Entrance
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.....with unique slot entrance feature.....
each 9"L x 8"W x 15"H
(body cavity - 10"L x 5"W )

The best way to explain this house is to share the following story:

Bluebirds are beautiful birds that are exciting to watch.  However, it can sometimes be a challenge to get them to nest in a man-made box due to competition with sparrows and the dangers of predators such as raccoons. We've always built "hole entrance" bluebird houses and (when mounted correctly) they are very effective in housing bluebirds. A few years ago, we read an article about research being done at a top university. They were conducting research on the effectiveness of hole-entrance bluebird houses versus slot-entrance houses. Slot entrance? What's that (you might be asking)?  Slot entrance is basically a design feature where the bird enters through a slot versus a hole. Some feel that the slot is more of a "natural type" entrance that bluebirds prefer. Also, the slot can be tucked up closer to the roof, making it difficult for competitor birds to get a foothold and build their nests, whereas the aerial maneuverability of the bluebird makes it easy for them.  Also, the slot entrance makes it harder for raccoons to create their problems. In conclusion, the researcher's data showed that when given a choice, bluebirds used the slot entrance more times than the hole entrance. My first thought was that this was just a new "mousetrap" on the market. Then a few months later, I went fishing with my wife and sons and we noticed, in the distance, that the local DNR had erected some bluebird houses. As we went up to investigate, we were pleasantly surprised when a beautiful bluebird flew out and 3-4 baby bluebirds peaked their heads out to look at us. When we looked closer at the house, we also saw that it was a SLOT ENTRANCE type house. In fact, they all were.  Since then, we build the slot entrance type because the design makes sense and it has proven itself to work. We hope you'll give one a try.
Here are a couple emails we received from customers who tried the slot entrance. We're very thankful that they have taken the time to share their stories. We just want you to know that other ebayers are having good results with the slot design.

"Just a note. I bought two slotted boxes a month or so ago from you. They have been put up where I have regular bluebird hole boxes. The two boxes had never been used for 1 1/2 yrs. I put yours up in same place, and both now have bluebirds nesting in them. I plan on slowly replacing all my regular box with your slotted." thanks Brenda.


"This summer I got one of your bird houses. I have tried other designs and were able to get eastern blue birds to nest but those nasty sparrows would manage to get in and kill the chicks. But with the slot and more over the backward slopped face (try as hard as they could) the sparrows could not get in. I am happy to say my first four chicks flew off a few days ago. This was real life proof that the design really works."




  • Research showed slot entrance preferred by bluebirds.
  • Slot entrance seems to be more difficult for competitor birds to get into.  Also, slot entrance can be harder for raccoons to get into.  However, this design is not to be considered predator-proof.  Take appropriate measures if you have these concerns.
  • The front panel swivels forward making cleaning a snap!
  • The front panel can be adjusted up/down to control slot size.
  • Wide roof overhang keeps rain away from the opening and pushes droplets away from entrance -- keeps babies and mother dry!
  • The floor is elevated so that water cannot "wick" up.
  • Predrilled holes for mounting and cedar shingled roof for durability. ALL CEDAR CONSTRUCTION.
  • Flier included that explains how to mount a Bluebird House. 


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CEDAR SEAL: For an extra $5, we will be happy to seal the house with a high quality sealant called CWF by Flood.  Cedar is one of the best woods to use for outdoor items. It is a wood that can expand and contract with warm and cold weather. It performs very well to outdoor use. After a period of time, cedar will begin to lighten to a beautiful silvery gray. However, if you want to keep cedar looking its TAN color longer, then a sealant is recommended. We use a product called CLEAR WOOD FINISH. It is low odor, water soluble, and penetrates deep into the pours of the cedar thus creating a clear coat of protection and preserving the cedar's tan color. It is safe, odorless, and non toxic.  We feel it is the best sealant on the market.


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