CAT FEEDING STATIONS that are Raccoon Resistant

CAT FEEDING SHELTERS are an important part of your cat's life.  A feed shelter is important for a couple of reasons:  

1.  It will provide cover and protection for their food bowls.  A cat's food/water quality will be affected by both the hot sun as well as rain/snow.  In addition, high winds can lead to bowl blow-over which disrupts their feeding altogether.  Having an enclosure for their food & water helps guard against that.  It will also offer some protection from ants and flying insects.  However, additional measures may need to be taken there.  Finally, it's important to prepare for colder months where food and water may freeze.  You may want to look into a heated water bowl or one that works for both water & food.  Click the link here for some ideas:  HEATED WATER & FOOD BOWLS.

2.  A second good reason for offering your cats a feed shelter is that it helps protect them during this vulnerable time.  Feeding is a time where a cat will put their guard down, momentarily.  A feed shelter will help give them just enough protection to keep them out of sight of potential predators or other dominant cats.  It allows them to relax while feeding.   

Check out our all cedar, high quality FEEDING STATIONS designed specifically for cats while engineered to detur raccoons.  


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