Entry Overhang

Ark Workshop Entry Overhang
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FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM with a minimum $80 order.  If just ordering accessories and if total is under $80, a separate invoice will be sent for the shipping charges.  Item(s) will be shipped after payment is received.  

This ENTRY OVERHANG will help protect the entrance area of your cat shelter from rain, snow, and wind gusts.  It creates a 7" tunnel-like, protective cove around the entrance. It angles downward to shunt away water droplets.  It easily attaches to the entrance frame of all Ark Workshop Cat Houses.  All houses have this square frame so that customers can add things like entry overhangs, poly doors, door flaps, etc.  As mentioned earlier, the entry overhang is very easy to attach ....takes approx 5 minutes ..... instructions and screws are provided.  The overhang matches the wood tones/shingles of the house. 

If you need a custom ENTRY OVERHANG for a non-Ark Workshop House, just contact us and we will be happy to help.  We just need to know the entrance size of your current house and we can make an ENTRY OVERHANG to fit over the entrance.  There will be an additional charge for custom work. 

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