Ark Workshop Birdhouse Pole Ground Socket System
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BIRDHOUSE POST HISTORY: Birdhouse pole systems can either be metal flag-pole type systems with some that telescope so that you can bring the house down closer to you for birdhouse maintenance.  These works well for lighter aluminum or tin houses.  However, due to the size and weight of some birdhouses, we recommend using a 4x4 WOODEN system because it can hold more weight atop the post.  Winds can be very strong up at birdhouse level and having a post system that can withstand those winds is very important.  Also, some pipe-pole systems might start developing a gradual lean over time due to constant swaying during high winds.  The wood post system helps to avoid all that.  A wood post stands strong, like a tree, while also adding to the beauty of your yard.  Many people add a trellis to it, get vines growing up, etc.  It is just another way to add a decorative focal point to your lawn and garden.

GROUND SOCKET:  This GROUND SOCKET Meausures 3.5"deep x 6.5"across x 31"tall.   You will receive: 1 Ground Socket, 2 carriage bolts with washers/nuts, and detailed instructions on installing and how to use your 8" post with the ground socket.  All sockets are made of pressure treated wood for underground use.  All bolts/nuts/washers are provided.  Detailed instructions (with illustrations) are also provided.  These instructions will share how deep to dig the hole, the amount of cement & water needed, tips on mixing cement, how to make sure the system dries level and straight, and all the info we can share to make the process easy.  Bottom line:  In purchasing this ground socket, all that remains is for you to purchase a 4x4x8' post and a few bags of cement at your local lumber yard.  It may require 4 bags of cement, depending on how big you decide to dig your hole.  Perhaps purchase extra and take back any unneeded bags.  It would be best to have enough on hand so that you can complete the job versus discovering that you should have purchased more quantities.  Follow our detailed instructions and you will have a strong post system that will last forever.

We have used wooden post sytems for the last 25 years.  2 PARTS:
1:  a ground socket system and 2: a 4x4x8' post.  The ground socket is made of pressure treated wood and is cemented into the ground.  It takes approximately 3 days for the cement to properly dry &* cure.  Then, an 8' post (or longer if you prefer)slides down into the ground socket.  The 8' post will need to have a couple of holes drilled through the bottom part of the post so that 2 long bolts can slide through the holes of the ground socket, through the 4x4, and then out the other side of the ground socket.  Washers and nuts are provided so that you can tighten and squeeze the entire system together making it one.  When you need to clean out your birdhouse, you simply remove one of the bolts and the wooden pole will swivel/pivot on the remaining bolt.  Since the bolts are tightened well, the wooden post does not comes swooping down to the ground.  You have to apply a little effort and pull the post toward you and ease it down at your pace.  It's a great feature and makes mounting a house (and getting it down) very convenient.  Refer to picture for clarification.

Over the years, we have set up many of these post systems for our neighboring customers.  We've dug many holes, poured alot of cement, and made sure that the pole systems were level and straight.  We want to help you and provide you with all the knowledge we've gained through these experiences.  Although we cannot ship the long 4x4x8' portion of the system, we are making the GROUND SOCKET available for purchase.  The GROUND SOCKET is the most complicated part of the system and it will save you time and money by purchasing it here.  At the time this was written, pine and fir posts cost anywhere from $10-15.  It is much more cost effective for you to purchase the long post at your lumber yard versus us trying to ship it through a carrier.  These posts can be transported in a medium size vehicle ..... we've done it.  8' posts can fit either diagonally in a vehicle or also along the passenger door line with some of the post end sticking out of the front window.  Just be sure to attach a red flag to the post end so that other drivers can see it.  Those flags are provided free at most lumber yards.


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"Product is a GENIUS idea! Made installation of my Purple Martin house so easy! Instructions were easy to follow. Thank you!"

"Excellent Communication! Very Well Designed Product! Superior Service! AAAAA++++"

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"This item worked well and the seller provided detailed and accurate directions."


OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for your house.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.


 BASEPLATE: for $24.95 we will include a baseplate for the underside of your house.  It easily attaches to the house and makes mounting to a 4x4 post system very easy.  All hardware/instructions included.


1/2" SPADE BIT: for $6.95 we will include the spade bit that will be needed when drilling your 1/2" holes through the 4x4 post that you will be purchasing for the ground socket.  This is a very sharp drill bit that easily moves through the lumber and creates clean holes.  It is the same type bit we use in the shop when creating the holes for the carriage bolts used in the ground socket.   

 LONGER GROUND SOCKET: for $30.00 extra, we will make a longer ground socket system to accommodate longer posts.  The current system is designed for an 8' post.  However, some like to use longer posts such as 10' posts.  This bigger ground socket can be used with longer posts.  This socket is longer in length, inner 4x4, and will need to be buried a little deeper into the ground.   Using a post longer than 10', with this socket, will need to be at the discretion of each customer.  The higher a house is mounted, the more it is subjected to strong winds.  Mounting heavy houses up high, needs to be left to each persons best decision and judgement.  The information within this listing pertains to 8' length posts.    

 $20 CUSTOMIZATION:  Sometimes customers need some minor customizations on their house.  If it is a simple customization, it would fall under this category.  Simply check mark the $20 customization option below and describe what you're needing.  There is also a section at the end of the order process, called SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, whereby you can share your request there.  You can also email us directly if you have any questions about your customization.  

 $50 CUSTOMIZATION:  Sometimes customers need some major customizations on their house.  Simply check mark the $50 customization option below and describe what you're needing.  There is also a section at the end of the order process, called SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, whereby you can share your request there.  You can also email us directly if you have any questions about your customization.

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