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  • Item #: 6 LADYBUG KIT


Assembled Size: 7.5"L x 6"W x 15"H 
Each Weighs:  approx 5 lbs
Each house holds hundreds of ladybugs

Do you have a team building event coming up and you need an activity for your participants?  We think we can help.  These LADYBUG HOUSE KITS have everything you need.  We include all cedar board pieces with predrilled holes, nails, and detailed instructions (with illustrations) that will walk participants through each step. There's even bonus info that explains "How/Where to mount your LADYBUG House".   Each house is individually shrink wrapped so that it will hold everything together.  All the moderator needs to do is hand a kit out to each participant.  They will then unwrap the kit and the fun begins!  We also include an extra set of instructions for the moderator.  You will need to provide safety goggles and a hammer for each participant ..... or have them share.  No woodworking should ever occur without protective eye wear.

Ladybugs are very much our garden helpers. They eat many small pests (such as aphids) that just love to infect and kill our plants. Nowadays, it’s even possible to buy ladybugs by the gallon in order to protect your precious garden and plants.

If you’ve ever picked up a ladybug, you might notice a weird “ladybug smell” This pungent odor is released from the ladybug’s legs, and its purpose is to warn predators that ladybugs do not taste good.  They come in a variety of colors, color patterns, and sizes ...... all of which they use to defend themselves.   Ladybugs are truly masters of defense.      

However, there is one element that is very dangerous to the ladybug and that’s Mother Nature. Ladybugs are always looking for places to hide and escape from the weather....especially winter. Ladybugs like to huddle together in clumps and many usually find their way into homes where they feel safe.  Some people think they huddle to share each others body heat, while others believe it is to give off a stronger smell as a large group. Whichever the reason (probably both), ladybugs can invade our homes in their effort to survive. That is why it is a good idea to provide them with their own house - A LADYBUG HOUSE.   Once they find it, they'll clump together inside and release their "ladybug smell".  This will attract more ladybugs while keeping predators away.  They are truly a marvel of nature!

SPECIAL FEATURES include:  A cedar house with removable roof.  Entrance slits at the base and an inner compartment system that allow ladybugs to cluster.  MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH EACH HOUSE. 

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING:  If ordering more than 16 house kits, there is a possibility that you may be able to receive a shipping discount.  This website is set up to calculate shipping costs in terms of 6-8 per box.  However, when dealing with larger quantities, and if we ship directly to a business, we may be able to find a lower ship rate for larger orders.  Just contact us and let us know the quantity you're considering, your zip code, and if you are shipping to a business.  FEDEX offers lower rates on business to business shipment.  Also, to determine shipping charges at any time ..... simply proceed with the transaction as if you were going to purchase but stop short of making payment.  Thanks.   

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EXTRA LADYBUG HOUSE KIT:  each house kit (of the 6 PACK special) is approximately $23.32.    If you need a different number of kits other than 6, 12, 18, etc ..... then you can select the extra quantities you need through the various options listed below.  Each house will remain the low $23.32 price.    

 PLEASE SEE HOMEPAGE FOR TURNAOUND TIME.   Delivery time fluctuates based on our current order commitments and workshop openings.  It's always best to order sooner vs. later.  Contact us if you have specific time requests.


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