Dried Mealworms
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DRIED MEALWORMS: 17.6 oz bag of dried mealworms. Dried mealworms are a bluebird favorite.  Mealworms are a nutritious, protein-rich food to offer your bluebirds.  They're an ideal food source for adult bluebirds as they travel back and forward to their nesting site ... feeding their nestlings.   Easy and convenient to feed:  place them on any platform type feeder or bluebird designed feeder.  This is a 17.6 ounce bag with an approximate 10,000 count.

BLUEBIRD TIP:  If you're trying to coax bluebirds into using a new bluebird house, put a tray of these dried mealworms out near the house.  Bluebirds generally are able to spot the mealworms because of their great eyesight.  As they feed upon the mealworms, they usually locate your bluebird house too.  Be sure to have an ARK WORKSHOP slot entrance house mounted because, research shows, bluebirds tend to favor this type of entrance.  This tip works really well!  

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