MED Emergency Cat HSE LF/SQ plus ESCAPE & CHIN scratcher, WTE

SPECIAL Medium size Emergency Cat Shelter Home
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w/ Left Front/Square Entrance with Flap,
plus Escape Door with Flap, plus Chin Scratcher.

.....also includes:  a FREE Fill of Straw, Homegrown Catnip, and Booklet "From Stray to Stay by The Ark Workshop"



  • .. FULL INSULATION (all 4 sides, floor, and LID). Many cooler manufactureres, like Igloo and Coleman, make hard coolers that do not have lid insulation. Anytime we are using a cooler, for the purpose of serving as a warmth shelter for cats, we always make sure that the lid is insulated.  We will either purchase them insulated or we inject the insulate foam ourselves.  An insulated lid is probably the most important feature of a cooler being used as a cat shelter.  Why?  Warm air rises.  If the lid is uninsulated, the inner warmth will simply leave the shelter through the lid.   
  • .. DOOR FLAPS ON ENTRANCE & ESCAPE.  Any opening on a shelter needs to have covering.  An entrance or exit cannot be left open.  During inclement weather and cold winter months, having an opened entrance or exit would be like opening up the window in your own home.  Cold air would be able to rush in and horizontal rains would make their way into your home.  This is no different with a cat shelter.  Flaps are removable, if needed.
  • .. ONE-WAY ESCAPE vs second entrance. A true escape door should be a one-way escape whereby the cat can exit from the inside while nothing can enter that area from the outside.  Some shelters have 2 entrances with the hopes of using the second entrance as an escape.  A second entrance simply gives a predator (or bully cat) the opportunity to enter the shelter from another area .... which is not a good thing.  Also, escape doors should be located away from the entrance and be near where the cat sleeps.  If an intruder sticks its head through the entrance, then the cat can make a quick escape from the nearby escape port. 
  • .. BEEN SILICONE CAULKED & SEALED.  Anytime an opening is created into a shelter, those areas need to be thoroughly caulked and sealed.  This is to help ensure that water and air drafts do not make their way into the shelter.  The path of water will start at the roof, run down the sides, and drips off the base.  Water always tries to find its way into a crevice or opening and it is imperative that all these areas are properly caulked and sealed to keep the inside of a shelter dry.
  • .. A FREE BAG OF LONG STRAW INCLUDED.  We include a FREE Big Bag of straw that will fill the interior of this shelter.  Straw helps trap in heat to keep the interior warm.  Ark Workshop STRAW is harvested from Indiana fields. We selected a supplier that takes great pride in the growth of his straw. He strives to make sure that his fields have little to no weed growth so that his straw is of the highest quality. He also processes his straw in such a way as to limit the amount of straw dust. The straw is cut LONG and has wide coverage making it last longer versus packaged short straw.  Short straw does not offer ample coverage.  It sticks to the fur of a cat and, when the cat leaves the shelter, the straw leaves with it.  Over time, much of this straw gets lost due to its clinging to the cat's fur and then leaving the shelter when the cat leaves the shelter.  Also (and most importantly), short straw can carry dust which can be harmful when inhaled by a cat.  In addition, our supplier’s straw is stored inside ….. where it is kept dry and never exposed to moisture. Dry straw is long lasting and a great insulator. Blankets, towels, & newspapers retain wetness & should not be used as insulation. These absorb body heat & will actually make a cat colder. Straw is best because it is less prone to mold or rot.
  • .. A CHIN SCRATCHER.    For whatever reason, most cats enjoy rubbing their chins up against something rough or coarse.  They seem to have a constant chin itch that is hard to get rid of.  We use chin scratchers with our cats and they love them.  We have them stationed at various areas within our house and they know where they are and will stop for a moment of delightful chin scratching.  This chin scratch we've included comes unattached.  However, all you need to do is slide it in place and tighten a couple of screws with a Phillips Screwdriver.  Instructions are included.  

Are you seeing some cat tracks around your home and do you suspect you may have a stray cat looking for a warm place to stay? .....or ..... Do you actually know of a cat that is in urgent need of a warm cat shelter and time is of the essence? We think we can help with insulated cat shelter. The entrance is approx. 6"x6" diameter which allows a cat easy enter and exit.  The entrance is set off to the left side so that cats can enter, turn right, and then nestle down low in the bottom right corner ..... away from the entrance and where they will feel safe. Their own breath and body heat will help fill the interior with warmth and then the insulation helps trap that heat inside....creating a very warm interior. We include a FREE, removable rubber-cushioned DOOR FLAP that is rubberized on the exterior and soft cushioned fabric on the interior. The flap is non restrictive and cats can easily exit and enter through it ........ even timid cats. We also include a filling of straw that does a great job in keeping the interior warm. Straw is highly recommended by Cat Rescue Organizations because of its quick acceptance by cats, it does not hold moisture that cats may bring in from the outside (snow on their fur, paws, etc), and its great insulating properties. All Barn animals will testify to that! 

For this EMERGENCY CAT SHELTER, we use a top-of-the-line Marine grade cooler with a snap-tight lid for a watertight seal. According to the manufacturer's product description: "Marine coolers are preferred by fishermen and boating enthusiasts everywhere. They're loaded with features designed for marine functionality and built to withstand wet, sunny and salty conditions. They have thick insulation and thick cooler shell, UV inhibitors that guard against sun damage, marine-grade extended life hinges, stainless-steel hardware, and stain-and odor-resistant liners."

* Size: This 48 QUART COOLER has been modified into a very warm EMERGENCY cat shelter. 
* Overall size: 24L x 14W x 14H
* INNER VOLUME: 21"L x 11"W x 11"tall
* Holds 1 cat.....possibly 2 if they like to snuggle.
* Weight: 8 lbs
* Everything you need is included: Rubber-Cushioned Door Flap on the entrance & escape, FREE BIG BAG Straw,  Escape Door, Chin Scratcher.  No assembly required with exception of attaching chin scratcher. Item is ready to use when it arrives. 
* Includes proper entrance size and customer friendly pivot roof.  Entrance has been caulked and sealed.  Also, Entrance header has been installed to help shunt away water drips and snow. 
* White color blends in nicely with environment and does not stand out.  White also deflects sun's rays keeping the shelter cooler during summer months.
* An informative instructions manual is included with each house. Manual is full of information including placement suggestions, ideas to get timid cats to use their new home, and much more.  Booklet name is "From Stray to Stay".

Ship rates are determined by the carrier.  We do not add extra for boxing or handling.  The ship rate calculated will be the amount it will take for the carrier to get your package to your location.  Shipping rates are calculated based on our zip code, your zip code, box size, and box weight.  Generally, rates increase the further you are located from Indiana.  The more a package has to travel and is, therefore, handled more by the carrier .... the more the carrier needs to charge.  However, we have researched all the major carriers and we ship via the lowest rates possible.  We're shoppers too and we appreciate knowing when a company if monitoring their ship rates and trying to keep those costs low for buyers. 


"Mark and Jane,  I set it up Wednesday, trailed some catnip up to it and put a little inside, then went away for the weekend.  This morning I was greeted by a familiar local feral cat peeking out at me from the shelter.  When it was out I opened it up and saw the straw had been arranged and slept upon.  Success!  Bob P."

"Just received my second cat shelter, Hope to get it out by when my feral youngsters are healed from their neutering. Spent an anxious night last night as wind chills were -30 here, But I need not have worried. With the heating pad and the good insulation from the shelter, they popped out this morning for some eats. Thanks so much. I don’t know if they would have survived this cold without a good shelter."

"Thanks for the great customer service. Very happy with the cat house. Nice straw for the cats. The two little feral cats were a bit slow to check out the house.  It took a few weeks or so before they begin to use it. Now, they use it every day, and both of them will nap in it together. These cats are great buddies, so no problem with them sharing the space. Through hard rains, cold temperatures, and snow, the house remains dry inside. I laid fleece material over the straw for extra warmth and comfort. Wonderful to know that they have a warm, dry, and safe place!"

"Hello There,  We purchased the Cat Shelter.  Mama, the stray cat we have been feeding since 2017, was so happy to use it.  Good news: Mama has given birth to 5 or 6 beautiful Kittens in the Emergency Shelter that I had placed in the garage as soon as I noticed she was pregnant.  We have found a wonderful Rescue Shelter that is willing to take Mama along with her babies this Monday.  Your Emergency Shelter has been a true blessing all the way around.  Thank you & God Bless.  

OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for this EMERGENCY SHELTER.    When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.  We will reconfirm all your location choices in the DETAILED CONFIRMATION that we send.  

 MEDIUM: non-electric Heating Mat: For an addittional $29 per item, we'll be happy to include this amazing non-electric heating pad.  The way it works is that it stores in your pet's own body heat and then reflects it back to them .... keeping them warm.   Some materials (like blankets and carpet) will simply take in heat and then that warmth eventually dissipates.  With this heating mat, the mylar insulate padding inside stores that heat .... keeping your pet warm and cozy.  We tested the heating pad ourselves by placing one on an office chair.  In a matter of minutes, we noticed the warmth underneath.  The mats are also designed to repel moisture and not allow the absorption of water.  Another plus is that these mats are safe to use with bedding materials such as STRAW, pine shavings, and cedar shavings.   The non-electric mat is made of a soft fleece cover, plush inner reflective padding, double-sided and reversible for optimum use, and machine washable.  Mat size measures approx 21"L x 17"W x 1.25"thick.  The mat is pliable and conforms nicely to all shelters.  1 is best fit for MEDIUM size shelters.  However, 2 mats conform nicely in all LARGER shelters.   Click here for extra mats.

 EXTRA STRAW - 2 leaves: for $12.  Each shelter ordered comes with a FREE filling of Ark Workshop Straw.  However, if you wanted to get some extra straw for future use, we can include 2 leaves of straw with your order.  2 leaves is good for 2-3 fillings.  By ordering here as an option, there would be no shipping charges for the straw since it will be included with the shelter.


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