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MEDIUM Emergency Cat Shelter
*** holds 1 full size cat ***



* Size: This 48 QUART COOLER has been modified into a very warm EMERGENCY cat shelter.
* High grade quality cooler with insulation in all 4 sides, floor, AND LID (not all lid coolers have insulation).
* Thick shell exterior with 1" thick inner insulate.
* Snap tight lids to keep water out.
* Overall size: 24L x 14W x 14H
* INNER VOLUME: 21"L x 11"W x 11"tall
* Holds 1 cat.....possibly 2 if they're smaller breeds and like to snuggle.
* Weight: 8 lbs
* Everything you need is included. No assembly required. Item is ready to use when it arrives.


✅ FULLY INSULATED (all 4 sides, bottom, and LID are insulated). Not all cooler lids are insulated. Cooler manufacturers (such as Igloo and Coleman) make coolers whereby only the sides are insulated. Anytime we are using a cooler, for the purpose as a warmth shelter for cats, we always make sure that the lid is insulated. We will either purchase them insulated or install the foam insulate ourselves. An insulated lid is probably the most important feature of a cooler being used as a cat shelter. Why? Warm air rises. If the lid is uninsulated then the inner warmth will simply leave the shelter through the lid.

✅ SEALED ENTRANCE with entrance header. Cats will enter the shelter, go to the far corner, and curl up to stay warm. A cat's own breath and body heat will help fill the interior of the shelter with warmth and then the cooler insulation helps to trap that heat inside .... creating a very warm interior. The entrance is silicone caulked, sealed, latex finished. We also attached an ENTRANCE HEADER over the entrance to shunt water away from the area. This is an important feature (along with the silicone sealing) because water will travel down the lid, shelter sides, and toward the bottom of the house .... trying to find a way in. We also just offer ONE ENTRANCE. Too many entrances can create wind tunnels and cause a shelter to get drafty. We do offer one-way escape doors, if interested. Inquire about those or order a shelter with an escape at

✅ALL ENTRANCES & ESCAPES HAVE FLAPS.  Any entrance (or exit) on a cat shelter needs to have flapping covering it and flapping that a cat can easily push through. Flapping creates a barrier between inside and out ..... keeping warm air in and cold air out. An entrance (or exit) without a flap would be like opening a window in your own home during the winter time. The house would soon fill with cold air. Attached to the inside of this shelter is a rubberized, soft flap. The flap is slitted and non-restrictive. Cats can easily push through it ........ even timid cats. If needed, the flap is removable or can be pinned up above while a cat becomes accustomed to entering/exiting through the doorway. 

✅ SNAP TIGHT LID for water-tight seal. Some cooler lids have a soft shut and not a secure seal. We use coolers with snap tight lids. This will keep water and moisture out. The customer friendly lid pivots up and down for easy access to the interior.

✅ A FULL FILLING OF LONG STRAW is included. We also include 1 big bag of LONG straw that does a great job in keeping the interior warm. LONGstraw is highly recommended by Cat Rescue Organizations because of its quick acceptance by cats, it does not hold moisture that cats may bring in from the outside (snow on their fur, paws, etc), and it has great insulating properties. All Barn animals will testify to that! Long straw is ideal because it stays within the shelter and has low-no dust.

✅ A FREE POUCH OF Ark Workshop brand CATNIP. We grow our own catnip right here in Indiana. Store bought catnip can contain unknown foreign fillers. Our homegrown catnip is more potent and safer for your cat. Use this catnip as a coaxer to get them to use their new shelter.

✅ AN INSTRUCTIONS BOOKLET "From Stray to Stay" is included with each shelter. This booklet is full of information including ideas to get timid cats to use their new home, shelter placement, how to win the trust of a feral cat, and much more.

✅ OPTIONAL FEATURES: on our website at, we also offer options for this item such as ESCAPE DOORS, WINDOWS, POLY DOOR ENTRANCES, HEATING MATS, PLATFORMS, and EXTRA STRAW. If you need a shelter with any of those options, follow the instructions below. 

OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for your EMERGENCY SHELTER.  Adding certain options may add some extra time to shipment due to the workmanshop involved.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.  Also, each option is good for 1 shelter.  If 2 shelters ordered and options selected, then each shelter receives that option.  When selecting options (and if you have specific locations where you would like them placed on the shelter), just specify your locations through a separate email, or the drop downs in the options section, or the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section toward the end of the order form.  We have a location chart on the right side of the website for reference.  We will reconfirm all your location choices in the DETAILED CONFIRMATION that we send.  

POLY-DOOR ENTRANCE:  for $29 we will install a poly-plastic door entrance.  It acts as a doorway flap to block wind, rain, etc. The flap can be temporarily removed, if needed, to help your pet become accustomed to entering/exiting.  After a period of time, just snap flap back in place.  The flap is opaque which will allow light inside as well as letting your pet to see outside. When a POLY DOOR is ordered, the entrance is poly door shaped.  

  ENTRY OVERHANG: for $29 we will install an entry overhang that will help protect the entrance area      from rain, snow drifts, and wind gusts.  The ENTRY OVERHANG is silicone secured to the shelter and          no attachment is required.  The overhang is made of poly wood and matches the shelter perfectly.  

ESCAPE DOOR w/ flap: for $19 we will install a small 5x5 escape door (w/ door flap) located on the side opposite the entrance and toward the back. Sometimes customers want an emergency escape route for their cats.......especially for houses being used outdoors. If the main entrance is blocked by a predator, the escape door is a quick exit to safety. This is popular for those getting a house for a Feral Cat.  The escape door is used from the inside but no animal can use it from the outside.  Flap is secured flat to house by hardware at the base of flap.  This keeps flap flush to house while allowing cat to exit quickly. 

WINDOW: for $29 we will install a small 3"x5" window which will be located on the front of the house...opposite side of the entrance. Sometimes customers want their pet to be able to see outside while in the house. The window is made of strong plexiglass and is secured into the window area.  

VENTILATION: for $39 we will install a 4"x10" ventilation system which will allow you to create inner air flow throughout the shelter.  Some customers, in wamer climates, have concerns about the inner temperature of an insulated shelter during warmer months.  The louvered ventilation system allows you to control air flow, within the shelter, by moving the toggle switch on the vent.  A protective angled header is secured/silicone sealed above the vent and will shunt away all water droplets.  In addition, the ventilation system itself is also silicone sealed into the shelter.  During cold months, simply close off the vent from the outside and insert the one-piece thick insulate pad on the inside.  This will close off the vent and seal out all drafts.  When Spring/Summer return, simply remove the inner foam pad from the vent and reactivate the toggle switch from the outside.  This is a very unique Ark Workshop feature that will allow you to keep your cats comfortable with the changing seasons.  Multiple vents can be ordered, if desired.  For the MEDIUM size, one vent on the back is usually sufficient.  However, some like to have 2-3 vents .... one on each end and the back.  Those can be ordered below in our options section. For the LARGER sizes, one vent on the back will work fine.  Some have 2 positioned on the back panel since the larger size allows spacing for that.  Vents on the end are also an option.  3-4 vents can also be installed .... one on each side and/or 2 in the back.  White vents for coolers & Tan for cedar shelters.  RIGHT CLICK below picture for larger image, if needed.


 MEDIUM: non-electric Heating Mat: For an addittional $29 per item, we'll be happy to include this amazing non-electric heating pad.  The way it works is that it stores in your pet's own body heat and then reflects it back to them .... keeping them warm.   Some materials (like blankets and carpet) will simply take in heat and then that warmth eventually dissipates.  With this heating mat, the mylar insulate padding inside stores that heat .... keeping your pet warm and cozy.  We tested the heating pad ourselves by placing one on an office chair.  In a matter of minutes, we noticed the warmth underneath.  The mats are also designed to repel moisture and not allow the absorption of water.  Another plus is that these mats are safe to use with bedding materials such as STRAW, pine shavings, and cedar shavings.   The non-electric mat is made of a soft fleece cover, plush inner reflective padding, double-sided and reversible for optimum use, and machine washable.  Mat size measures approx 21"L x 17"W x 1.25"thick.  The mat is pliable and conforms nicely to all shelters.  1 is best fit for MEDIUM size shelters.  However, 2 mats conform nicely in all LARGER shelters.   Click here for extra mats.

 EXTRA STRAW - 2 leaves: for $12.  Each shelter ordered comes with a FREE filling of Ark Workshop Straw.  However, if you wanted to get some extra straw for future use, we can include 2 leaves of straw with your order.  2 leaves is good for 2-3 fillings.  By ordering here as an option, there would be no shipping charges for the straw since it will be included with the shelter.

RISER PLATFORM BASE (free shipping): $59 for a platform that will raise the shelter up approx 3" off the ground.  The platform is just a little wider & longer than the base of the shelter and only serves to elevate the shelter.  It is a more decorative version of RISERS but in platform form. It also may provide a more stable underbase than risers.  There is no extra room for cat lounging,  For that, you would need to consider the platforms below.


MEDIUM PLATFORM DECK SHORT for EMERGENCY SHELTER, MEDIUM HOUSE, or MEDIUM FEEDING SHELTER (free shipping): $119.95 for a 1 ft tall cedar platform deck that measures approx 23”long x 23”wide. The 12" legs are made from 4x4 pine posts and are very sturdy.  This platform elevates the house 1 foot off the ground and provides a level of safety for your cats.  It also prevents rain from splattering off the ground and onto the shelter in addition to keeping it out of accumulating snow.   Attaching leg posts is all that is required but is very easy to do.  Detailed instructions and hardware included. Shelter can be secured to platform, if desired.  SHELTER IN PICTURE  NOT INCLUDED If needing platform to be CEDAR SEALED, click here to order PLATFORMS with sealer option.

MEDIUM SIZE PLATFORM DECK LONG LEGS for EMERGENCY SHELTER, MEDIUM HOUSE, or MEDIUM FEEDING SHELTER (free shipping): $139.95 for a 2 ft tall cedar platform deck that measures approx 23”long x 23”wide. The 24" legs are made from 4x4 pine posts and are very sturdy.  This platform elevates the house 2 feet off the ground and can provide a level of safety for your cats.  Cats will feel safe because they have the “higher ground” when lounging in the sun on this decorative platform deck.  Attaching leg posts is all that is required but is very easy to do.  Detailed instructions and hardware included. Shelter can be secured to platform, if desired.  SHELTER IN PICTURE  NOT INCLUDEDIf needing platform to be CEDAR SEALED, click here to order PLATFORMS with sealer option.

$20 CUSTOMIZATION:  Sometimes customers need some minor customizations on their house.  Usually, there's no extra charge to place things like .... entrances, windows, escape doors, etc ....  in different locations.  However, if you wanted an extra window, extra entrance, extra poly door or something that is not mentioned in our options section, this would be the place to order that.  Simply check mark the $20 customization option below and describe what you're needing.  There is also a section at the end of the order process, called SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, whereby you can share your request there.  You can also email us directly if you have any questions about your customization. 

SELECTING OPTIONS TIP:  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  This will add the option to your order.

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