Poly Door Entrance

Ark Workshop Poly Door Entrance
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POLY-DOOR ENTRANCE:  for $29 we will install a poly-plastic door entrance.  It acts as a doorway flap to block wind, rain, etc. The flap can be temporarily removed, if needed, to help your pet become accustomed to entering/exiting.  After a period of time, just snap flap back in place.   The flap is opaque which will allow light inside as well as letting your pet to see outside. Actual flap door is approximately 6"x6".  If you already have a cat house, POLY DOORs will not work on round entrance houses.  If you are installing this door on a shed, barn, or door .... all hardware and easy instructions are included.  If you need to make the cut out yourself, a template and detailed instrustions are also included.  

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Price $29.00