Ark Workshop Entrance Flap
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The Ark Workshop RUBBER SLITTED Entrance Flap is designed for either SQUARE ENTRANCE houses or ROUND ENTRANCE houses.  The slitted nature of the flaps allows it to fit entrances 5"-8".  If you have an Ark Workshop house and need a replacement flap, then this is the one you need.  Flap easily attaches to the inside of the shelter using a Phillips Screwdriver.  It acts as a effective barrier between inside and out.  Cats can easily push through the flaps due to its slitted nature.  Flaps are for outdoor use or indoor use as well. Instructions are included. 

OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for your house.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.   

DOUBLE-THICK FLAP:  For an extra $9, we'll double the thickness of the entrance flap.  The original flap is a single layer flap and the double-thick flap will be a 2 layer flap.  The back layer will be secured in such a way that it will cover each slit on the outer layer.  Cats can still easily push through the flapping.  The double thick flap just provides an extra thick barrier and may be just as effective as the POLY DOOR entrance.  CUSTOM SIZE flaps are also available.  Contact us at with inquiries.  

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Price $19.00