Special MED Outdoor Cat Hse LF/SQ Enter-FLAP-STRAW

Medium Outdoor Cat House
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  • Item #: Special MED HSE-LF/SQ-FLAP-STRAW


with door flap & filling of straw

- for Cats, small Dogs, and other small pets -
for 1 cat & great for small dogs

House weighs approx. 26 lbs.

OVERALL: @24.5"L x 16"W x 15"tall
(measurement taken from widest parts of the house)
(roof=@24.5"x16") (ground to roof top = 15" then slopes down toward back)
(House base measures 23" x 15" and fits perfectly on MED PLATFORM)

INNER VOLUME: @21"L x 12"W x 11.5"tall
( floor measurement= @21"x12")

Pets are a lot of fun and are like a member of the family. There's alot of pride when you provide a special shelter for them. This pet house is made entirely of CEDAR. Cedar is a great insulator. The house comes 99% ASSEMBLED (see NOTE below) and is secured together with BOTH nails and screws .. making it very DURABLE. The interior is warm and the corners have been sealed to keep out drafts. The floor is elevated off the ground which will keep the occupants warm & dry.

The entrance is @ 7" x 7" which allows easy entrance and exit. The opening is also set off to the side so that pets can enter from one end and then create their bedding area in the opposite end ..... which most do. There is also a "windblock" inside the doorway to channel air away from the bedding area. The windblock is removable, if needed. The entrance is slightly elevated above the floor to help keep any bedding materials (cedar shavings, straw, etc) from getting pushed out.  Finally, we have added a FIBERGLASS SHINGLED ROOF for added protection and warmth. The roof is slightly angled backward, allowing for water run off. Roof pivots back, allowing for quick inspection & cleaning of the interior.

NOTE: For shipping-safety reasons, the 2 lag bolts that hold the roof onto the body and enable pivoting are removed for shipping. Upon arrival, customer will need to reinsert and tighten the bolts down so that the pivot action will work. Otherwise, the roof will be a lift off type. This is to avoid damage, during shipping, at that area. 


OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for your house.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.  If needing additional add-ons, go to the accessories section here:  ACCESSORIES.  Adding an option will not affect the turnaround time of this item.  It will still ship within 5 business days.

 MEDIUM: non-electric Heating Mat: For $29 per item, we'll be happy to include this amazing non-electric heating pad.  The way it works is that it stores in your pet's own body heat and then reflects it back to them .... keeping them warm.   Some materials (like blankets and carpet) will simply take in heat and then that warmth eventually dissipates.  With this heating mat, the mylar insulate padding inside stores that heat .... keeping your pet warm and cozy.  We tested the heating pad ourselves by placing one on an office chair.  In a matter of minutes, we noticed the warmth underneath.  The mats are also designed to repel moisture.  Another plus is that these mats are safe to use with bedding materials such as STRAW, pine shavings, and cedar shavings.   The non-electric mat is made of a soft fleece cover, plush inner reflective padding, double-sided and reversible for optimum use, and machine washable.  Mat size measures approx 21"L x 17"W x 1.25"thick.  The mat is pliable and conforms nicely to all shelters.  1 is best fit for MEDIUM size shelters.  Click here for extra mats.


POLY-DOOR ENTRANCE:  for $29 we will install a poly-plastic door entrance.  This is for customers that want a more firm barrier between inside and out.  It acts as a doorway flap to block wind, rain, etc. The flap can be temporarily removed, if needed, to help your pet become accustomed to entering/exiting.  After a period of time, just snap flap back in place.  The flap is opaque which will allow light inside as well as letting your pet to see outside. 

ENTRY OVERHANG: for $29 we will include an entry overhang that will help protect the entrance area from rain, snow drifts, and wind gusts.  For shipping safety reasons, it comes unattached but detailed info is included on attaching....very easy to do, screws provided....takes approx 5 minutes.  The overhang matches the wood tones/shingles of the house.  

RISER FEET: $19 for a set of 4, six inch feet that will elevate your house off the ground 6".  The blocks are 4x4 chunks with decorative trim on the bottom edge. The feet come unattached and need to be attached from the inside ......very easy to do, screws provided, holes pre-drilled.   


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