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  • Hi, Mark!!!  We just LOVE our new kitty house!!!  And our outdoor kitty loves it EVEN MORE!!!  In fact, our indoor/outdoor kitty, Gypsy, is loving the new house, too!  Our other outdoor boy has been residing in our first house since it arrived.  He has been warm and dry for a few years now.  I know that our newest resident will likewise live comfortably in his house for years to come! I am so glad that I decided to add the window to this house.  Now Mickey is able to look out and we can see him inside without disturbing him by lifting the roof. Again, Mark, thanks SO MUCH for the quality workmanship that you put into your houses!  I’m sure you will hear from me when additional houses may be needed in the future !!
    Thanks again!! Sincerely,  Patti.
  • Cat House arrived on Monday, a day early. My husband took it out of the box and set it up for me.  It is lovely and I am looking forward to persuading my Baby Mama and 4 kittens to use it.  We are in the process of trapping so we can have them all spayed/neutered and I can finally find out which kittens are male and which are female, no easy task with young kittens. I so appreciate the wonderful construction that you use in creating these beautiful homes for outdoor cats. Kelly.
  • Hi Mark and Jane,  I just wanted to let you know that my cat house arrived on Friday and I am speechless. What an amazing quality product!!! It's more than I ever imagined!! and your customer service is the best I've seen ever! I couldn't be happier with my cat house and hope the feral mom, dad and 3 kittens love it half as much as I do. Mom and Dad ate off a plate i put right inside the entrance with their behinds hanging out just minutes after I put it outside.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Daniela
  • Hello Mark and Jane, Thanks for the high quality kitty house.  We are keeping the kitten and house on our screen porch.  Our new kitten loves her new house!  Blessings,Michele and Fam
  • Hello---Mark and Jane.   Received my large cat-enclosure today.  Love it!!! I already have an emergency shelter with a medium platform that I ordered from The Ark Workshop, I will be putting the large cat-enclosure on the platform and using it just for shelter, and the emergency cat shelter just for food, so I will be ordering another platform for the emergency shelter. Just love these products, I will be definitely telling my friends.  Thank-you again for a great product.  Shirley.  A very satisfied customer.
  • I just wanted to reach out & tell you that I can’t thank you enough !!! We experienced some extremely bad weather, high winds , rain , snow  the past 24hrs & I’m beyond happy that the cat house I purchased has stayed warm & dry through it all !! My Stray used it from day one , sleeps in it every night ! He absolutely loves lounging on the deck & roof of the house & has more than claimed the space as his own , so thank you again from the bottom of my heart because this little guy has been through a great deal & it’s my mission to keep him as safe & comfortable as possible & you helped me to do that ❤
  • Good Afternoon!!!!  I like to take this time to thank you all for the time and skill that was applied to my two orders of the emergency cat shelters that I recently received.  What a blessing to have individuals like yourselves whom are involved in such passion that ultimately helps out animals and their owners.  So far the shelters are being used by the local stray cats that I have been caring for and it is a great feeling to see them have a place to seek other than just the streets. Please keep up the fantastic task many thanks to you!
  • I am using my emergency cat shelter and the cats seem to love it!  Thank you so much!

  • The Emergency Cat Shelter has arrived and we had three guests last night!  Thank you so much! Best regards, Darla

  • The 2 shelters came today in very good condition w/ straw. These are really nice shelters and the cats will enjoy the warmth. Just in time for winter. Thanks for the careful workmanship.  Mary Jo
  • Thank you for the wonderful cat shelter, which arrived today. It's just what we needed!
  • I want to tell you how pleased I am with the cat house that arrived today. It's as sturdy as I hoped it would be! Thank you very much,-- Rachel
  • We received the cat house this morning and are totally satisfied! It arrived well packaged and well built. I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this. It is already set up for our feral kitty to discover and move in....thank you so much! Tracy
  • Hello Mark. The second cat house arrived today. I attached the ledge to the original cat house. I am happy to have these attractive cat shelters sitting on my front porch.
  • Dear Ark Workshop, We received our large cat house on Friday and just wanted to thank you so much. We are thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship of your product.  It was well worth the wait.  You are doing a wonderful thing for feral cats. We are going to seal it and then have it out well before the cold weather hits.  We hope our outdoor kitty appreciates your work as much as we do.  Thanks again!
  • Just wanted to let you know that our ferals love the new house.  They went right in and have been snuggled up through some nasty weather.  Nice & warm.
  • Got the house yesterday & it is wonderful!  two of my in/out cats were checking it out & liking it.  The feral has not really shown much interest YET but I’m waiting for him to see the others inside and then he’ll come around.  I will be figuring out how many more I need and what size/config to place at another location for some ferals.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the workmanship. Thank you very much for the house and all the follow-up.  I truly appreciate it.
  • Thank you for the wonderful cat house! I love your work. Ill be ordering from you guys again!
  • Yes. The house arrived today. I'm very impressed by your work. I appreciate your good service. I did not mind the wait at all. Thank you very much. Be well.
  • The house is even more beautiful than what appeared on the website.  And it was indeed quite simple to affix the roof and awning.  Thank you so much.  Right now we (our co-op) are having tea and tours of Sidney's Shack.  (I just hope the cat likes it as much as all the people do.)     Again, it was wonderful dealing with you.  Thanks again and again for your professionalism and care of our order.  Take care.  Be safe.
  • House arrived and is great.  Thank you for the quality.
  • I received the medium sized cat house I had ordered a couple weeks ago.I just wanted to let you know that it is great. It is very well made and I hope to be back to purchase another one this summer.  Thank you very much for your high quality work and cat shelter and for the good communication letting me know about progress and shipping details.  I will be recommending you to anybody looking for shelters- I communicate with quite a few volunteers in Chicago western suburbs working for various places- one being Feral Fixers which is a local catch and release cat aid organization.
  • The Feeding shelter showed up today....We love it.  The feral cats use it and the birds won't go in it....Solved our problem of bird droppings all over the deck.  Thanks for handling the way I requested. 
  • I got my shipment! I have not unpacked them all yet, but the 2 I have set up for my colony are just great.  Love your products.  Much appreciated.
  • Hi,  I live in Southern California and my step Mom bought this house for me and my siblings and we share it.  We love it !!!  I think she's going to buy another one soon,  I can't wait !!! 
  • The house and the feeding station are wonderful.  Thank you so much and also thanks for the feeding dish. I will be ordering again. Thanks. God bless you
  • The Cat House arrived on the 12th and in perfect condition. It was so easy to attach the roof with your instructions, and the wind-barrier you included is very much appreciated. The workmanship of the house is quality. The added insulation is nicely applied. I am often hesitant to order some items on-line, but your correspondence and reassurance allayed concerns. Thank You Very Much for making this house available and for your courtesy. ~ Cynthia
  • I just opened my new cat house - it is the most beautiful thing in the world - I almost cried. Thank you so very much. Beautiful to know that there are still GREAT companies and WONDERFUL people in the world - my darling cat is gonna love it :). (noah could not have made it this nice :)) Thank you very much.
  • I just got the cat house yesterday. Very well done. Can’t really say one bad thing about the house. Glad I did not try and build one myself, well worth the wait.  Hope the feral cat hanging around plans on using it when it gets cold. Hoping to find some more items you offer that might go along with this item.  thanks again.  Tom
  • I just got the cat house and I absolutely LOVE it!!  It is so well made and looks even better than the pics on your website.  Now I just need to get 'Sarge' -- an old battle-scarred semi-feral tom cat I look after - to move in and call it home.  Thank you for the amazing shelter you built!  Janet from CA.
  • Thank you so very much.  It far exceeded my expectations.  Am spreading your business to my friends who also take care of altered feral cats.
  • I just received the cat shelters (EMERGENCY SHELTERS) and I am very pleased with them. They look very sturdy and I like the openings.  I also appreciate the informative literature you included. Thank you for your product and your service.  Sandy
  • Hi, just had to tell you my two outside cats starting using your large cat house two days after I set it out. I am so pleased as the weather has turned cold  and rainy the past several days. Thanks again!
  • I love this kitty house (MEDIUM CAT HOUSE). It's well made and looks great on my patio. My feral cat loved it these cold nights we had this winter.
  • They arrived and are beautiful.  I am very satisfied.  You make a good product.  I know the cats will love it Before I even had the lid on in its new place one of the cats was already in it peeking out.  Michele
  • Hi, We’ve been so happy to see what we think is two cats who are using your lovely piece! We put it up against a wooden fence that faces the back of the yard, on top of some small rocks/gravel to keep it slightly off the ground, and its generally away from people.  We only see them coming and going once in a while as we do not feed them.  Thanks again, especially for all of the good work you do!  Ruth
  • LOVE the cat house I purchased.  Extremely well made.  Still trying to get my cat in the house, but what a Tajmahal!   This coming from a dog lover.  Thank you so much for a quality product.  I lined the inside of the house with Mylar for extra warmth as I have cold winters.  Thanks again and have a great day!
  • Jane & Mark.  Your shelters are excellent. They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for being so meticulous. I’ve shown everyone in the office and they are amazed at the construction. You would have a cliental should you ever decide to expand into Canada. Once again thank you.  Best regards, Sue
  • LARGE CAT HOUSE:  Hi!!  Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new kitty house!!!!  Getting it ready to introduce to our outside kitties!!  You did a WONDERFUL job on its construction!  Will maybe order others!  Thanks again!!  Patricia 
  • Just perfect....Quality is amazing...My babies love it. 
  • Hi, What a great product! My ten year old cat is semi-feral, adopted only a couple months ago. Afraid of indoors.   After a week of mostly ignoring it (It's installed on patio roof for her security), she finally spent all day inside, then slept in it overnight as well! I am thrilled, partly so I don't have to get up at 2 AM any more to check on her . . . Thank you!    We received the pet house.  Thank you very much, it is exactly what we wanted for our “stray” cat.  It is sturdy and well made.  It was very easy to attach the roof, and add some straw.  We debated on what was the best way to get him to try it out, but we didn’t need to do anything.  We set his food right outside the door and within a couple of hours he was inside all curled up.  The next day was rainy and he spent the most of the day inside.  It seems to be a hit!  Thank you for a great product. 
  • I got the cat house today.  It's perfect!  Thank you! 
  • Hi!  They arrived and are absolutely awesome.  Thank you for your quick service. 
  • The cat house arrived on time. I am very impressed with the quality of the item. I did not expect it to be so solid. My feral cats took to it quickly after close scrutiny and made themselves at home. Thank You. 
  • Received my cat house...and the bird feeder.  Thanks so much.  The cats are enjoying the house.  Thanks for the quality construction. 
  • I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I have been caring for two feral kittens (now 6 months old). I put your shelter in my enclosed porch (the porch does not have heat) and I put a piece of carpet in the shelter and covered that with straw. I wish I could send a picture to show you how much they love it. It has been very cold here lately in NJ and they cozy up in the corner and seem very comfortable. I lifted the roof and took a picture. Thank you again for a great product! 
  • I purchased this cat house for a feral cat who visits my yard regularly for food. The harsh Canadian winter is approaching now, and I wanted to provide him a warm refuge if he needed it... he seems to love it, after a couple of weeks of use! I added some hay inside, and was thrilled to see how quickly he took to his new home. Compared with other options I looked at on Etsy, I have no doubt that this was the best value offered. The pricing was fair, and the product I received is of incredible quality. I customized the house with extra insulation inside, and it seems very effective. Mark and Jane were WONDERFUL to deal with throughout my transaction. I can't say enough about their incredible customer service standards - thank you!  Barbara 
  • Wanted to let you know that the cat house arrived last Wednesday. It looks fantastic and is more than what was expected. Great work and thanks so very for your communication and delivery. Hopefully 'Ol Big Gray will be utilizing it soon and staying nice and dry and warm. Thanks
  • Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cat house, which I received exactly when FedEx tracking said I would.  It is beautifully designed and crafted.  The house is now in the Forever Wild space in Riverside Park on the upper west side of Manhattan, where a beloved 15 year old feral cat lives.  People from 125th to 72nd Street know him and are so happy he has a house for the winter.  The house is close to where he is fed and was easily camouflaged with fallen oak and maple twigs because the cedar wood blends in naturally with the surroundings.  I have not actually seen him go in or out, but there are signs that he’s using it, and I am quite sure he is. I attached the wind guard with no problem, and much appreciate your including it.  My two cats at home adore the little black toy mouse.  I am grateful for all.  My best wishes to you for a joyous Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.   
  • I know your busy so no need to respond. It took a month but the stray cat that we have been taking care of finally began using his cat house. He gets in it all the time and seems to really like it. It’s perfect. Thanks. 
  • Our cat house arrived on schedule Friday and we love it!! Assembly was easy and the craftsmanship is top notch!! The house sits outside right now. The feral cats have been checking it out but are a bit wary of it. A couple have gotten in and were hoping that they take to it soon. Thank you again for the house. It was well worth the wait!!  
  • Thank you so much for the house; we gave it to our neighbors last Sunday, and they accepted it gratefully, and their kittens have been using it, safe from the cold. Thanks again for expediting the order, and for building such a wonderful product at a great price.  Peace and blessings,  Lee 
  • I received my cat house. The cats love it. They slept in it the first night it was outside. Thank you for making a great product!! My feral cats thank you too!! It's very cold here.  
  • Thank you for the great cat house.... we purchased it recently and put it outside for the two ferals in our backyard...no sooner was it put outside, the ferals made it their home....Great cat house!  
  • Just wanted to let you know that I love the cat "house" that you made me. I have a heated cat pad in it with straw, and the neighborhood cats all love it! It is so well made and worth twice the cost! You all do lovely work, I can tell you enjoy your work.  God Bless,  Linda
  • Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the CAT HOUSE you made for me.  The design and workmanship of the product is excellent!  Hopefully it will become a shelter for a stray cat that we have helped for 3 winters.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes and is a very gentle cat.  We have tried to get him to come in our home, but he will not - so we decided to try this house for him.  Thank you for the work you do to help animals.  I may be ordering something else from you in the future.  Nancy
  • Hello ! I want to take this opportunity to Thank you both and your supporting cast for a wonderfully constructed, super well thought out Cat House with extreme integrity ! A buyer dreams of a company such as yours ! Thank you for the play toy ! My house cat loves it ! Having assembled my Cat House ! I was like a kid with a new toy at Christmas ! And it gives me great pleasure to give my feral cat such a gift to provide warmth , protection in this Michigan cold ! Sincerely, Rich
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