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Below are stories we received from customers.  Their stories are such an encouragement and inspiration, that we wanted to share them with you.  They're great examples of persistence and dedication in helping animals.  Feel free to share your own story and include a picture as well.  We would love to include it in this TESTIMONY section.  All stories/pictures submitted are deemed "permission granted" for possible posting on our site.  Thanks.    


 Hi Mark & Jane, We received the cat house and platform.  It’s wonderful!  It is so well built, the   directions that accompanied it were wonderful and the way it was packaged was great as well!   All of the instructions were so helpful…especially about how to get the cat to go in it.  Thank   you so much for the wind blocker and the beautiful calendar too!   Your kindness is appreciated.  I received the e-mail about the credit so thank you for that as well!  I am hopeful our little   scaredy cat will eventually go inside.  I hope the visiting raccoons stay out tho.  That’s why I   got the platform.  When the weather turns colder, I’m going to put straw bales underneath and   on each side of it for even more insulation.  Below is a picture of it on our kitchen porch.  I   thought you might like to see one of your houses in it’s new home.  Thank you, again, for   everything.  It’m so glad I found your company on-line.  Stay well! Linda    

Hi, Mark!!!  We just LOVE our new kitty house!!!  And our outdoor kitty loves it EVEN MORE!!!  In fact, our indoor/outdoor kitty, Gypsy, is loving the new house, too!  Our other outdoor boy has been residing in our first house since it arrived.  He has been warm and dry for a few years now.  I know that our newest resident will likewise live comfortably in his house for years to come! I am so glad that I decided to add the window to this house.  Now Mickey is able to look out and we can see him inside without disturbing him by lifting the roof. Again, Mark, thanks SO MUCH for the quality workmanship that you put into your houses!  I’m sure you will hear from me when additional houses may be needed in the future !!  Thanks again!! Sincerely,  Patti.

Hi Mark and Jane,  I just wanted to let you know that my cat house arrived on Friday and I am speechless. What an amazing quality product!!! It's more than I ever imagined!! and your customer service is the best I've seen ever! I couldn't be happier with my cat house and hope the feral mom, dad and 3 kittens love it half as much as I do. Mom and Dad ate off a plate i put right inside the entrance with their behinds hanging out just minutes after I put it outside.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Daniela

 Hi Mark and Jane, Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I received the packages in   good shape and put the house together on Friday.    It came out really great thank you so much!    I really appreciate all the work that went into making this one, I know I was asking a lot.  If   interested here’s a picture of Gracie on her platform having dinner.  She’s still nervous around   the structure as I knew she would be because it’s new.  Hoping she’ll move in soon.   It’s a huge   improvement either way from where we had her the past couple of months.   We had her   stationed out under a truck trailer which is in the background of the picture if you look.  It’s a   long story what happened...   but she’s been here about 16 years from last recall and doin alright.  Anyway thank you again for your wonderful craftsmanship and your patience with me.  Gracie   thanks you too!    

My packages arrived today - safe and sound! Sadly, in my experience, such quality and exceptional customer service are going by the wayside, but clearly not with The Ark Workshop.  I am so very pleased as I write this - This house and platform was a little bit of an investment for me.  I spotted it last season, saved the link & and have saved up. Without a doubt, I have absolutely received value for my money and the product exceeded my expectations. I want to thank you and the Ark Workshop for the excellent craftsmanship that went into this house & platform. It was clearly evident time, attention to detail, quality construction and CARE were all present.  Also, noteworthy - the terrific packing and excellent instructions included - I was worried but finishing it up was a breeze, even for me!  My outdoor cat, Oreo, is a semi-feral I found starving in my woods, with kittens. The kittens came in but she didn't/wouldn't. I did the Trap Spay Release & got her shots. Over time, Oreo and I have developed trust and mutual respect. She allows me to handle and pet her, give her monthly flea treatment and even the occasional brush out. She sleeps on my deck and visits with her babies daily through the windows. Her current housing has been well, the best I could do, but I have really worried about her during the rain and cold months. I am so very happy to be able to give Oreo this home - and so very glad you were able to make it for me. I sincerely thank you and pray your business continues to be blessed with success. I am sure to order again from The Ark Workshop and will certainly recommend it to others. Very Kind Regards from a Very Happy Customer, Cynthia H.

I just wanted to reach out & tell you that I can’t thank you enough !!! We experienced some extremely bad weather, high winds, rain, and snow the past 24hrs & I’m beyond happy that the cat house I purchased has stayed warm & dry through it all !! My Stray used it from day one , sleeps in it every night ! He absolutely loves lounging on the deck & roof of the house & has more than claimed the space as his own , so thank you again from the bottom of my heart because this little guy has been through a great deal & it’s my mission to keep him as safe & comfortable as possible & you helped me to do that. ️  


 The shelter arrived yesterday safe and sound, and it looks perfect!  When I ordered it and   the  placement of the window and door, I realized I wasn’t sure which side the hinge was   on.   Maybe you realized that and oriented it so that it opens on the window side, or maybe   it just worked out that way, but that was perfect!  I can easily open the box to check it that   way.  Hoover inspected the cardboard box while I unpacked it and he took to the shelter   easily.  Since he’s an outdoor cat, I  feel much better knowing he’s got that for shelter.  My   insulated Rubbermaid shelter is showing signs of weakening from sun exposure, so he   needed a new one.  Thanks again for your service to cats everywhere.  I found a nice   wood bench from Walmart for a platform and he loves his new porch.  Here’s a couple of   pics for you to see.Take care and thanks again,Cindy and Hoover

Good Afternoon!!!!  I like to take this time to thank you all for the time and skill that was applied to my two orders of the emergency cat shelters that I recently received.  What a blessing to have individuals like yourselves whom are involved in such passion that ultimately helps out animals and their owners.  So far the shelters are being used by the local stray cats that I have been caring for and it is a great feeling to see them have a place to seek other than just the streets. Please keep up the fantastic task many thanks to you! 


2 MEDIUMS STACKED:  Hello Mark. The second cat house arrived today. I attached the ledge to the original cat house. I am happy to have these attractive cat shelters sitting on my front porch.

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for our second kitty house !!!! It is perfect and the two feral cats (Mimi and Salem) love it. Now each one will have a special place to stay warm. I am so blessed to have found you and your company and have shared your information with several friends and acquaintances. Most recently I shared your information with our veterinarian. Thank you again for your incredible shelters. Best wishes ....... Cathy.

 Our two cathouses (extra-large and large w heating pads) were packaged with true empathy for and understanding of the not-so-handy customer. Engineering and packaging genius. Installing the wind-door was *actually* easy, likewise the roofs. The houses look and smell great, easily stack, or sit side by side. Our cats were in them immediately and have slept & lounged in them happily for weeks since. I want to address this next comment to any shoppers for whom the prices here are a challenge. I stalked this page for over a year hoping for a sale and unable to afford the expenditure because I have a large number of kitties to cover. In the meanwhile, I had the standard igloo, hay houses, and my own makeshift wood houses set up. Nothing else even comes close to these houses. They are worth every cent. They probably save lives in the short-term; definitely in the long-term for the kitties who must brave every winter outside year after year. They are built to last, so they probably also save $ in the long-term; won't blow away or crack or otherwise expose the kitties to the elements. I'm only sorry I didn't find a way to get them sooner. Truly: worth every cent, worth the wait for the sturdy construction, fantastic houses.  Thanks again! ....... Dr. K. T

Hi.  I ordered a house from you in the last few months:  two doors, insulated, with a heater.  I had ordered it early to make sure that I could get my outdoor almost feral cat into the house by winter. It arrived and I placed it on my back deck with his current feeding shelter and three sided shelter.  We had a winter 'fort' for him made with a foam board floor with straw, straw bales and a tarp cover.  He used it all winter and was happy!  You have made the perfect house for him !!  He went into the house all by himself - which for him was a major accomplishment.  He has been using it frequently on rainy days.  This morning he is all stretched out in the house and napping to stay off the wet ground. I am so relieved and happy that you have this product!  I had been looking at internet sites for about six months to find a house that I thought he would use.  Yours was the only company offering custom doors and window placements, insulation, a heater, a top that would open AND a big size.  THANK YOU !!!!  An extremely happy customer and her extremely happy feral cat, .......Jane P. and Chessie

 I purchased a cat house with platform from you months ago and am happy to say my little ferals are quite happy with it. I even placed their food shelter on the platform so when it snowed their food was right outside their door for them.  Pictures shown were taken before I moved their feeder up.   I have two, Adam and Eve, and nothing makes me happier than when I go to feed them and see them both bounce out of their house.  Thanks again .......... Barb (house & platform were stained by customer)  

The cat house that you built for us has greatly exceeded our expectations. Here is a picture of ‘Will’ our feral cat in his new house. At first I left the flap off of the door so that he would go in. Now that winter is here, I have put the flap back on. We feel so much better that he now has a safe and warm place to be in. The quality of the house is excellent. Great product, price and service.  Thank you.  

A success story!  I received the charming little cat shelter from you in early October.  It took 3 months for the old, shy feral to decide to move in.  Now it's his home and he loves it!  Most of his time is spent inside it; he feels safe in an enclosed space with the extra escape door. (This photo of Kimbu is a rarity.)  Once or twice a week he even wants petted and I'm hoping it will become a daily event.  At first he would sneak near it when he thought we didn't see him, but when rain or noise or nighttime happened he would dash back under the vacant house across the street and not appear for 24 hours. I kept putting out kitty treats for him.

(Finding out that the absent homeowner planned on trying to sell the house and probably close off the crawl space is what caused me to search for a solution.  That turned out to be The Ark Workshop.  I looked online-even though I'm a bit of a Luddite-and voila!  Yours seemed like the best shelter at the best price. The escape hatch and entry overhang are ideal.  I realized I should have ordered the "feet" so I simply screwed on a wooden block under each corner.)

I'd been feeding Kimbu for quite sometime at the edge of our driveway.  I wanted him to be where he could eat more than once a day.  He's still thin but he eats 3 or 4 small meals right next to the shelter.   When the rain comes he's inside as cozy as can be on his bedding (which I change every few days or once a week depending on the weather.  The bedding change was frightening to him at first, but now he realizes that in a few minutes he can zip back inside!))  I have invited him to come inside our house, but not surprisingly, that idea terrifies him.  So I accept that he's safe and well fed just where he is.  If you do have time to start a TESTIMONIAL section, you can certainly add Kimbu's success story.   I lost lots of sleep for many months worrying about this little guy-thanks to the Ark Workshop, that worry is gone!   Justin.

 Wanted to share this pic to show you how much my feral cat loves his heated shelter.  Great job! Thank you. Donna.  Sent from my iPad 



We’ve got every thing in place.  You do great work and our animals are so blessed.  We love the way this turned out and the addition to the house works great.  Thank you very much. 




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