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Ark Workshop Ships FedEx
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Ark Workshop Ships via FEDEX!
(smaller packages sometimes shipped via post office)

The Ark Workshop has been in business for over 25 years.  When we first started, we used to sell our items at craft shows and through retail outlets.   As our business started to grow, we realized the need to ship products directly to our customers.  After researching the various carriers available to us, we found that FedEx offered the lowest rates for the type of items we ship.  We're then able to pass these savings onto our customers by charging them that lower ship rate.  When shipping items, shipping is based on box size, box weight, and zip codes.  We do not add any extra fees (such as handling or boxing costs) to your ship rate.  The amount of shipping charged will be the amount it will take for us to get that item to you.

Another reason we choose FedEx is that they have a low percentage of damages and/or lost packages.  It's important to us that our items arrive safely and in good condition.  In those rare instances where a package has encountered some challenges along the way, FedEx has special representatives called Advocates that will help track down a package and get it back on schedule.  They'll even call a customer to give them updates on their delivery.   If something does get damaged in shipping, we'll make arrangements with FEDEX to come by and pick up the item.  All a customer needs to do is put the product back in the box, tape it up, and leave it out on their doorstep.  FedEx would come by, attach a label to it, and send it back to us.  A customer does not need to create a label nor do they need to sign anything.  That means no waiting around.  We'll take care of all the arrangements and FedEx will do the rest by picking up the package.  We would let you know the day they would be coming out.  

We do realize that some customers may need for us to use a different carrier, other than FedEX, and that's no problem.  We'll be happy to ship your item in any way you prefer.  However, there may be some additional charges due to the potential higher ship rates and possible package pick-up fees.  Thank You.  









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